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Every drop of ink is tinted galaxy gold. I’m Euphrasia Daae, a Les Misérables fangirl dedicated to writing, reading, and puzzling over our existence.

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Welcome to my blog Ink Prisms! I’m Euphrasia Daae, a Les Misérables fangirl dedicated to writing, reading, and puzzling over our existence. I’ll be sharing writing hacks, my Fanfiction, poetry, analysis, and sometimes my photoshopped masterpieces!
This is my Fanfiction.Net account.
Underneath is the site directory!
Home: This is the page you’re currently on.
Hacks: This is where I give advice such as getting over writer’s block!
Fanfiction: This is where I first test out one shot concepts and pitch ideas, before I publish them. Sometimes, I’ll include parts of my published fanfics.
Journal of a Fangirl: This is for all my experiences as a fangirl, and hilarious failed ships or beautiful found poems.
The Saga Of Evelyn Evadne Justice Sader: This is a longer crossover I’m working on, incorporating not just Les Misérables but other books on my reading list, such as Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice. I’ll be publishing previews of first drafts, special mind maps, and charts not on FanFiction.Net!
Library: This is for all the information and reviews unrelated to my current topics, and you’ll find a mixture of everything here.

Reviews: This is where I list constructive criticism or praise that I've come across in comment sections!
Team: These are the extremely important people who've helped me in my writing!
Les Misérables: Here’s some extensive analysis, resources, and charts for the most amazing book in the world!
Look Forward To: With this Calendar, you can look forward to all my new chapter publishings, and new concept reviews!
Journeys: A special section with special writings, such as my annual professional journal! Described more in the Journey section.
The Great Gatsby: I’m also obsessed with the Great Gatsby! It’s like a Les Misérables page, except for another book. 



The Saga Of Evelyn Evadne Justice Sader

Roses in Misery!!! Read now!

  • 05/26/2018 04:39 PM

Preview: Chapter Three!

  • 05/26/2018 03:55 PM

Preview! Chapter Two

  • 05/25/2018 05:19 PM

Exclusive: Character Connections!

  • 05/25/2018 05:09 PM

Les Misérables




The Great Gatsby

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